LawAI – Intelligent legal document processing using AI and Machine Learning

Discovery documents, legal contracts, case law, and legal filings generally require substantial analysis to identify valuable information. Whether you need to extract text from documents or search for specific information to build case or establish precedent, use AI to reduce manual efforts of your staff by automating the document processing pipeline for extracting and understanding the content within legal documents. 


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Use Cases

Easy To Use Legal AI Software

Chat with your Legal Documents

AI provides the ability to ask natural language questions to your documents. Extract the exact information you need instantly using the chatbox application. Search through documents of any soze and across multiple documents.

Legal Document Review and Analysis

AI improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of document analysis. AI-powered software can learn what type of documents it’s supposed to be looking for and can more accurately and quickly identify other relevant documents. Use our built-in Entity Search terms to zero in on specific information from hundreds of documents.

Conduct Instant Legal Documents Searches Using Natural Language Processing

In addition to standard Key Word and Entity searches across hundreds of documents you can also conduct “Google Type” searches using Natural Language Processing (NLP) processing techniques. For example search “When did the plaintiff commence action to recover unpaid accounts” – you get the Best Answer and Other Relevant Answers instantly.

Contract Analysis

AI can help with both bulk and individual contract review. Identify, extract, and analyze business information contained in large volumes of contract data. Analyze contracts to identify risks, anomalies, future financial obligations, renewal and expiration dates, etc. For companies with hundreds or thousands of contracts, this can be a slow, expensive, labor-intensive, and error-prone process. It’s also boring work for the lawyers (or others) tasked with doing it. Using AI expedites contract analysis, reduces cost, and provides opportunities to firms for increased profit.

Legal Research

Traditional techniques for finding relevant cases and precedence involved the laborious process of sorting through volumes of case law typically using for tools such a key word search. AI takes research to a new experience. The power of AI-enabled research is striking: using common research methods, a tax lawyer found a case nearly identical to the one he was working on in 10 hours. An AI powered search found it instantly. Using AI expedites legal research, reduces cost, and provides opportunities to firms for increased profit.