Academic.AI – Artificial Intelligence powered learning app for students

Reviewing textbooks, reports, lecture slides, handouts, and other study materials generally requires substantial analysis and effort to identify the information you are looking for. Whether you need to extract text or locate information from textbooks or other study materials for your homework assignments or research project, use AI to reduce manual efforts by automating the document review process for extracting and understanding the content within research materials.

One Folder

Load all class or research documents in to one folder for easy management, including textbooks, lecture materials, assignments, research papers, reference materials, even emails and texts.

Search Faster

Search all documents simultaneously for the information you need. Locate specific information from textbooks or other course resources using AI search technology.

Answers in Minutes

Get the answers you need by simply asking a question, using natural language. Conduct “google type” searched across all your project documents quickly.

Time Savings

Reducing the complexity and effort of searching through all your class records reduces your study time and helps with your comprehension, for better grades and improved research papers.

Easy To Use Study AI Software

Legal Document Review and Analysis

AI improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of document analysis. AI-powered software can learn what type of documents it’s supposed to be looking for and can more accurately and quickly identify other relevant documents. Use our built-in Entity Search terms to zero in on specific information from hundreds of documents.

AI Model is Trainable To Work The Way You Do

Our AI Model is fully trainable to search for content specific to your organization. Use our built-in search parameters or train the model to use your own. This is a powerful feature that lets you analyze data and records the way you work!